About Us

SNV Foundation | Mission Statement

Sound N Vision Foundation exists to create and promote culturally diverse creative events throughout the Central San Joaquin Valley. Its specific geographic focus will be Visalia, California and its surrounding communities.

The Foundation’s mission is to enrich the lives of Central Valley residents by providing increased exposure to an experience of artistic endeavor. Affordable concerts that showcase local and global talent, art and design exhibitions that stimulate conversation and provoke thought, are examples of the type of events the Foundation will attempt to develop and maintain.

Financially, the Foundation is funded by state grants, community donations, and fundraising concerts. Emotionally and spiritually, the Foundation will be “funded” by the participation of and impact upon those who benefit from its programs.

The Foundation will place special emphasis on its potential to develop our youth. Profits, in addition to supporting the efforts of the organization, will be directed towards the purchase of musical and other artistic instruments for local school children. Educational workshops will stimulate the minds of young talent and provide a medium for the development of and direction for their skills.

The Foundation’s ultimate measure of success will be its ability to positively impact the lives of those it engages.